Sentence Examples

  • Tuberculosis, analysis of the cell shows a large amount of cellulose.
  • In 1921, a tuberculosis vaccine was developed in France.
  • Some of them are employed on a state farm at Lassiter, Goochland county, on which there is a tuberculosis hospital, and some of them on the public roads; in 1909 there were 350 men at the state farm, 14 road camps with about 630 men, and 1273 men and 96 women in the penitentiary at Richmond.
  • At a very early period it was held by Virchow that the large cheesy masses found in tuberculosis of the lung are to be regarded as pneumonic infiltrations of the air-vesicles.
  • The death-rate from tuberculosis, however, is high, and apparently shows no abatement.