Sentence Examples

  • He leaned across the kitchen, trapping her between his two arms.
  • The icicles are prison bars on our windows, trapping us, prisoners to this life of sin and degradation...
  • Deidre and Toby stood.  Katie started forward, only for the rumbling ground to drive her to her knees.  Horrified, she saw the chasm form a rough circle around them, trapping them on a small island surrounded by football field wide trees and chasms too wide to jump.
  • There young Parkman spent his leisure hours in collecting eggs, insects and reptiles, trapping squirrels and woodchucks, and shooting birds with arrows.
  • McDowell, instead of marching to join McClellan, was ordered to the Valley to assist in "trapping Jackson," an operation which, at one critical moment very near success, ended in the defeat of Fremont at Cross Keys and of McDowell's advanced troops at Port Republic (June 8-9) and the escape of the daring Confederates with trifling loss.