Sentence Examples

  • The treatments can work in treating problems with poor oxygen flow to brain cells, and poor immune system function, according to The Journal of Translational Medicine.
  • If p is the density corresponding to pressure p, we find that,}, formula (Ii) assumes the form P = 3PC2, where C is a velocity such that the gas would have its actual translational energy if each molecule moved with the same velocity C. By substituting experimentally determined pairs of values of p and p we can calculate C for different gases, and so obtain a knowledge of the magnitudes of the molecular velocities.
  • Thus when n = o, the whole energy must be translational: there can be no energy of rotation or of internal motion.
  • In fact the proved tendency for the gas to pass into the " normal state " in which there is equipartition of energy, represents in this case nothing but the tendency for the translational energy to become dissipated into the energy of innumerable small vibrations.
  • For a rigid body the kinetic energy will, in general, consist of three terms (AW1 2 +BW2 2 +CW3 2) in addition to the translational energy.