Sentence Examples

  • This product, made infamous by various infomercials and online pitches, is a glorified trampoline paired with instructional DVDs and a stabilizing bar for those who haven't flown through the air since childhood.
  • Standing with your knees relaxed and feet slightly apart, you should bounce up and down without taking your feet off the trampoline surface.
  • Trampolines: A child with autism may also enjoy jumping and a trampoline with a safety enclosure provides a safe environment for jumping.
  • Bouncing on a trampoline beats the treadmill any day, and it undoubtedly provides a great cardio workout for those looking to keep their heart healthy and their energy level up.
  • Those who cheat and progress ahead too quickly may find themselves falling off of the narrow trampoline, rather than getting air and slimming down as a result.