Sentence Examples

  • Giddon was obviously watching her, so calling on her telephone might be tipping her hand.
  • The discharge at the weir whilst it is raised is effected either by partially tipping some of the shutters by chains from a foot-bridge, or by opening butterfly valves resembling small shutters in the upper panels of the shutters.
  • (six truck loads); these are rapidly hoisted to the surface, where their contents are automatically dumped into side-tipping trucks, and these in turn are drawn away in a continual procession by an endless wire rope along the tram lines leading to the vast " distributing floors."
  • Pregnani, however, made a bad start by "tipping winners" at Newmarket with disastrous results, and was quickly recalled to France, actually departing on July 5th (French 15th).
  • They are usually made with two beams, each with its three knife - edges, rigidly tied together or cast in one piece and some distance apart, so that the scale-pans being carried on two knife-edges, each is prevented from tipping over sideways.