Sentence Examples

  • The weight W is moved along the scale until the yoke just tilts over upon the stop S; the distance of W from its zero position is then, as can easily be shown, proportional to F, and therefore to B 2, and approximately to I 2.
  • These are carried on the beam, to which are attached the handles or tilts at the back, and the hake or clevis and draught-chain at the front.
  • In England tilts and tourneys, in which her father had so much excelled, were patronized to the last by Queen Elizabeth, and were even occasionally held until after the death of Henry, prince of Wales.
  • In its southern part the plateau has a general tilt to the west, in the north it tilts eastward.
  • 164) described a measuring-machine by Repsolds, in which the micrometermicroscope tilts in the bearings of the chariot on which it moves, so that it can view either a graduated scale or the photographic plate.