Sentence Examples

  • No matter how unique or rare a teapot is, if it doesn't have a lid then it is nearly worthless.
  • A tempest in a teapot type controversy came out of the Hannah Montana: Best of Both Worlds movie, in which Miley and her father fail to buckle up before a trip in the car.
  • The pots are made, much like the Brown Betty teapot from a special, purple tinted clay that is found just outside the town of Yixing, about 100 miles from Shanghai.
  • This definition makes it hard to label a teapot as unique in every opinion, and so it is largely the opinion of the collector that makes any teapot truly unique.
  • Invitation paper that has been die-cut to look like an actual teapot or cup and saucer are not only unique, but convey the specialness of the event.