Sentence Examples

  • It preserves its lustre in dry air, but in moist air it becomes tarnished by the formation of a film of oxide.
  • When not tarnished, the mineral has a silver-white colour with a tinge of red, and the lustre is metallic. Hardness 2-21; specific gravity 9-70-9.83.
  • His fame is tarnished, however, by numerous deeds of tyranny and cruelty.
  • He was perhaps wanting in firmness of character, and the undue influence exercised over him by unscrupulous ministers, or by the seductions of fairer but no less ambitious votaries of statecraft, led him to make concessions which tarnished the glory of his reign, and were followed by baneful results for the welfare of his empire.
  • It is, however, to be regretted that this monarchs memory is tarnished by more than one dark deed.