Sentence Examples

  • Both men were well aware this was tantamount to a brush-off.
  • To the emperor Nicholas this was tantamount to a declaration of war; and in effect it was so.
  • Collins was a pronounced necessitarian; Morgan regarded the denial of free will as tantamount to atheism.
  • To be a prince was tantamount to being the mark of secret conspiracy and assassination.
  • Though a few Unionists transferred their allegiance, notably Mr. Winston Churchill, and by-elections went badly, Mr Balfour still commanded a considerable though a dwindling majority, and the various contrivances of the opposition for combining all free-traders against the government were obstructed by the fact that anything tantamount to a vote of censure would not be supported by the "wobblers" in the ministerial party, while the government could always manage to draft some "safe" amendment acceptable to most of them.