Tactics Definition


The science of arranging and maneuvering military and naval forces in action or before the enemy, esp. (as distinguished from strategy) with reference to short-range objectives.

Webster's New World
The study of the most effective ways of securing objectives set by strategy, as in deploying and directing troops, ships, and aircraft against an enemy.
American Heritage
Actions in accord with this science.
Webster's New World
Military actions or maneuvers used against an enemy.
Guerrilla tactics were employed during most of the war.
American Heritage
A procedure or set of maneuvers engaged in to achieve an end, an aim, or a goal.
American Heritage

Origin of Tactics

  • New Latin tactica from Greek taktika matters pertaining to arrangement or from Greek taktikē (tekhnē) (art) of deploying forces in war both from taktikos of order from taktos arranged from tassein tag- to arrange

    From American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, 5th Edition


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