Sentence Examples

  • These deities were symbolically represented by three men who went round the house by night.
  • The contents of such a circular group are symbolically (or analogically) represented by the contents of all other circles in the animal kingdom.
  • 29-39), to announce symbolically the rending of the kingdom, replaces some account of a rebellion in which Jeroboam "lifted up his hand" (v.
  • The modern name, as above-mentioned, is Merj Ibn `Amir (" the meadow-land of the son of `Amir "); in ancient times it was known as the Valley of Jezreel, of which name Esdraelon is a Greek corruption; and by another name (Har-Magedon) derived from that of the important town of Megiddo - it is referred to symbolically in Rev. xvi.
  • The most important relation between the co-ordinates of a point on an ellipse is: if N be the foot of the perpendicular from a point P, then the square on PN bears a constant ratio to the product of the segments AN, NA' of the major axis, this ratio being the square of the ratio of the minor to the major axis; symbolically PN2= AN.NA'(CB/CA) 2.