Sentence Examples

  • Their relationship was no longer swathed in innocence.
  • A tiny form, with white-blond hair and swathed in a blanket, slept peacefully.
  • Her waist looked tiny, swathed in velvet and surrounded by satin.
  • The well-known monstrous representation of her, as a figure with many breasts, swathed below the waist in grave-clothes, was probably of late and alien origin.
  • The earliest literary papyrus is that known, from the name of its former owner, as the Prisse papyrus, and now preserved at Paris, containing a work composed in the reign of a king of the fifth dynasty, and computed to be itself of the age of upwards of 2500 years B,C. The papyri discovered in Egypt have often been found in tombs, and in the hands, or swathed with the bodies, of mummies.