Sentence Examples

  • The success it gained was doubtless due in some degree to the difficulty which most men had in comprehending it, for it was enwrapped in alluring mystery, but more to the confidence with which it was announced as being the long-looked-for key to the wonders of creation, since its promoters did not hesitate to term it the discovery of " the Natural System," though they condescended, by way of explanation to less exalted intellects than their own, to allow it the more moderate appellation of the Circular or, Quinary System.
  • With the coming of Augustine to Kent the darkness which for nearly two centuries had enwrapped the history of Britain begins to clear away.
  • In the upper provinces of India water is made to freeze during cold clear nights by leaving it overnight in porous vessels, or in bottles which are enwrapped in moistened cloth.
  • If the figure be entirely to one side of any face the polyhedron is said to be " convex, " and it is obvious that the faces enwrap the centre once; if, on the other hand, the figure is to both sides of every face it is said to be concave, " and the centre is multiply enwrapped by the faces.

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