Swat-team Definition

A unit within a police force that is trained to deal with situations of unusual danger, especially when requiring aggressive tactics or enhanced firepower, as in rescuing hostages, thwarting terrorist attacks or assassinations, and subduing heavily armed suspects.
American Heritage
The definition of a swat team is a group of police officers who deal with very risky situations or a team of experts in the business world.
An example of a swat team is a number of police officers who go to help in a hostage situation.
An example of a swat team is a group of people who are skilled in focusing on the numbers in a project.
Special Weapons and Tactics squadSpecial Weapons and Tactics teamSWAT squad

Origin of Swat-team

  • s(pecial) w(eapons) a(nd) t(actics)

    From American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, 5th Edition

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