Sentence Examples

  • Next time someone asks, "What type of bridge is the Golden Gate Bridge?" -- simply point to the cables: the stretched cables and suspender cables.
  • A unique selection from this store is the suspender "Big O" style, which is a two piece set of stocking that criss-cross forming an O in the rear and an open front, offering convenience as well as a great slimming effect.
  • Whether you're looking for a simple pair of stockings for wear under a skirt or you're looking for a piece of pretty lingerie for a special occasion, there are a variety of places to purchase your suspender panty hose.
  • The monokini might have been disregarded for decades after its initial launch, but it has clearly been revived in ultra sexy swimsuit designs like the sling and the slingshot suspender bikini.
  • There are a lot of sexy bikinis out there on the market, including everything from mesh suits to thong bottoms, and the slingshot suspender bikini ranks right up there!