Sentence Examples

  • Just as in the more recent Guitar Hero and Rock Band games where you can make your own unique rocker, the titles in the Smackdown vs. Raw franchise allow you to customize the appearance of your unique wrestling superstar.
  • When selecting a match partner, characters with histories (good or bad) will have something to say on the character select menu when you select the portrait but before you confirm superstar status and color.
  • According to the new database, Huffington Post's FundRace 2008, the average Joe can find out who and how much is being donated to each of the candidates' campaigns, whether the money comes from an ordinary citizen or a Hollywood superstar.
  • Despite the controversy however, Jesus Christ Superstar remains one of the most successful musicals in the history of theater and the title track in particular is one of the most recognized show tunes ever.
  • Each stadium, like Bowser's Castle and Donkey Kong's Jungle, have their special obstacles that can be hindrances or just fun to play.In any sports game, the main game is single player mode and Mario Superstar Baseball is no different.