Sentence Examples

  • You can explore the seamy underbelly of the Barbary Coast past on the "Drugs, Thugs, Crimps and Pimps" tour, or go strolling on the "Flashback" tour, which takes you to the city's storied, formerly acid-drenched Haight-Ashbury neighborhood.
  • They were erected in 1892 and are a handsome block in Renaissance style, three-storied, with a central tower surmounted by a statue of Liberty.
  • High, and the sultan's residence, a massive two-storied structure pierced with small windows.
  • The accounts of the palaces of the native kings must be taken with some reserve, from the tendency to use descriptive terms not actually untrue, but which convey erroneous ideas taken from European architecture; thus what are called columns of porphyry and jasper supporting marble balconies might perhaps be better described as piers carrying slabs, while the apartments and terraces must have been more remarkable for number and extent than architectural grandeur, being but low one-storied buildings.
  • Another storied stone is called the Witches' Stone, because it marks the place near Forres where Macbeth is said to have encountered the weird sisters.