Sentence Examples

  • Bungalow Beach Designs: If you're seeking bold bedding etched with artwork - think surfboards and large floral prints - you'll find plenty here.
  • This way, whether you're just heading in from a brightly lit beach to a shaded bungalow or weaving in and out of shade and sun on the ski slopes, your Oakley Splice lenses will automatically adjust!
  • Dress up your home with what looks best for it, be it a 1920s bungalow, a downtown loft, a 1960s California ranch, a two-story colonial, and so on.
  • We've all seen those 50s-style doors with the little row of windows on top marring the curb appeal of a classic bungalow or a clapboard Cape Cod house.
  • She grew edgy as they passed the town near the bungalow before pulling up the long driveway to the beach house.