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A masculine name: dim. Steve; var. Steven; equiv. L. Stephanus, Fr. Étienne, Ger. Stephan, It. Stefano, Sp. Esteban, Russ. Stepen; fem. Stephanie.
Webster's New World
Stephen is a male name with Greek origin.
An example of Stephen is the host of the television show The Colbert Report, Stephen Colbert.
  • sir leslie stephen
proper name
One of the seven chosen to assist the Apostles (Acts 6 & 7); the 1st Christian martyr: his day is Dec. 26
Webster's New World
(sometimes Stephen of Blois) 1097?-1154; king of England (1135-54): grandson of William the Conqueror.
Webster's New World
A.d. 975-1038; king of Hungary (1001-38)
Webster's New World
1832-1904; Eng. editor & critic: father of Virginia Woolf.
Webster's New World
Christian protomartyr who, according to the New Testament, was stoned to death after his defense of Christianity before the Sanhedrin.
American Heritage

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