Sentence Examples

  • MICHAEL called Psellus, "the stammerer," emperor 820-829, was a native of Amorium in Phrygia, who began life as a private soldier, but rose by his talents to the rank of general.
  • BALBUS, literally "stammerer," the name of several Roman families.
  • He was succeeded by his son Louis the Stammerer, the child of Ermentrude, daughter of a count of Orleans,whom he had married in 842, and who had died in 869.
  • 97); but it seems plain that Euphemius or Euthymius of Syracuse, supported by his own citizens, revolted against Michael the Stammerer (820-829), and, when defeated by an imperial army, asked help of Ziyadet Allah, the Aghlabite prince of Kairawan, and offered to hold the island of him.
  • 884), king of France, was the eldest son of King Louis II., the Stammerer, and became king, together with his brother Louis III., on his father's death in 879.