Sentence Examples

  • In 1892 the docks, which lie at the southern end of the peninsula, became the property of the London & SouthWestern Railway Company.
  • C. 736), king, or duke, of Aquitaine, obtained this dignity about 715, and his territory included the southwestern part of Gaul from the Loire to the Pyrenees.
  • The SouthWestern Company owns the local railway stations (Town and Dock and Southampton West, besides suburban stations), but through connexions are made with the north by way of the Great Western and Great Central and the Midland and South-Western Junction railways.
  • Shortly after the capture of Naxos (c. 467 B.C.) Cimon proceeded with a fleet of 300 ships (only loo from the allies) to the southwestern and southern coasts of Asia Minor.
  • Of Glasgow by the Glasgow & SouthWestern railway.