Sentence Examples

  • After their father's defrocking and the divorce of their parents, the brothers abandoned the road in favor of Nashville where they succumbed to the forbidden allure of music and began collaborating with songwriter Angelo Petraglia.
  • One of the most intriguing aspects of the song is that, even though the title translates to kiss me a lot, the young songwriter was in her early teens when the song was written and had never experienced a passionate kiss before.
  • Also like a lot of country stars, his first recognition was a songwriter rather than a performer, and the first deal he scored was a publishing deal with Opryland Music Group (administered by BMI) rather than a record deal.
  • In an interview with American Songwriter Magazine, John Rich said that he carefully matched each contestant personally with their Nashville songwriting team, stating "It's like the Chuch Woolery of songwriting hookups."
  • This eclectic and multi-talented musician, actress, songwriter and dancer is typically associated with the bossa nova genre, but Bebel Gilberto has also dabbled in jazz, dance and experimental music in her career.