Sentence Examples

  • Whatever anyone made of the song, Kesha herself is a seasoned lyricist and has been behind the scenes penning successful songs for several years.
  • Smith, the primary lyricist, is also an artist in his own right and his fascination with the dark side of humanity has made the band accessible to the gothic youth culture.
  • Deep sentiments from an equally profound lyricist, her family's frequent jam sessions are the subject of her song "Out in My Backyard".
  • The original lyricist of this song is also not known.
  • As generally able writers of lyrical poetry during the earlier part of this period may be mentioned among others Francis Csaszar, Joseph Szekacs and Andrew Kunoss-also Lewis Szakal and Alexander Vachott, whose songs and romances are of an artless and simple character, and the sacred lyricist Bela Tarkanyi.