Sentence Examples

  • Lisa tossed Giddon a towel and plunged her hands into the soapy water in the sink.
  • It is a most perfect non-conductor of electricity, and in its dry state the fibres frequently get so electrically excited as to seriously interfere with their working, so that it becomes necessary to moisten them with glycerin or soapy solutions.
  • According to Marangoni the diminished surfacetension of soapy water is due to the formation of a film.
  • A comparison under similar circumstances shows that there is hardly any difference in the wave-lengths of the patterns obtained with pure and with soapy water, from which we conclude that at this initial stage, the surface-tensions are the same.
  • Typical clay-marls are tenacious, soapy clays of yellowish-red or brownish colour and generally contain less than 50% of lime.