Sentence Examples

  • Bladder Nut (Staphylea) - Of the older kinds only S. colchica is important, this being a beautiful shrub with pinnate leaves and large terminal clusters of snow-white flowers in early summer.
  • It flowers about the middle of May, just after the foliage unfolds, and affords a charming contrast between tender green leaves and snow-white flowers as large as florins.
  • A cross between these two species, known as Alberti macrantha, has great vigour, and is more profuse in its snow-white flowers than either of the parents.
  • Of this shrub Mr John Saul, of Washington, U.S.A., has written: "Large bushes in my nursery were covered with flowers of the purest snow-white.
  • G. Fischeri is a handsome plant; its snow-white woolly foliage is very telling, and its blossom is of an unusual flame color.