Sentence Examples

  • That the railway mileage in the British possessions amounts to almost five-sixths of the total.
  • The tree has a remarkable appearance, due to shedding its primary branches for about five-sixths of its height and replacing them by a small bushy growth, the whole resembling a tall column crowned with foliage, suggesting to its discoverer, Captain Cook, a tall column of basalt.
  • Five-sixths of these coins preserved at Stockholm were from the mints of the Samanian dynasty, which reigned in Khorasan and Transoxiana from about A.D.
  • Out of the payment five-sixths are given to the sellers, and onesixth devoted to the Greenlanders' public fund, spent in " public works," in charity, and on other unforeseen contingencies.
  • Kohlrausch 2 the distance between the poles of a cylindrical magnet the length of which is from io to 30 times the diameter, is sensibly equal to five-sixths of the length of the bar.