Sentence Examples

  • This might be double, treble, fourfold, fivefold, sixfold, tenfold, twelvefold, even thirtyfold,, according to the enormity of the offence.
  • But the growth of independent churches is most remarkable, having been sixfold since 1890.
  • 13) should be much more effective in starting cracks under distortion than that of the far more minute particles of cementite which lie embedded, indeed drowned, in the sixfold greater mass of ferrite with which they are associated in the pearlite itself.
  • Thus in the century between 1801 and 1901 it increased sixfold, while during the same period London only increased fivefold.
  • In a direct competitive test the presence of 3.25% of nickel increased nearly sixfold the number of rotations which a steel shaft would endure before breaking.