Sentence Examples

  • Why had Cade singled her out for the job?
  • I was tidying up some details when my computer singled an incoming message, from Merrill Cooms.
  • The corpse may be burnt, in part or as a whole; portions may be assigned to the priest, the sacrificer and the gods; the skull, bones, &c., may receive special treatment; the fat or blood may be set aside, and they or the ashes may be singled out as the share of the god, to be offered upon the altar; the skin of the victim may be employed as a covering for the idol or material representative of the god, either permanently or till the next annual sacrifice.
  • If one especial peculiarity can be singled out, it is the extreme restraint and simplicity of the verbal treatment.
  • This tradition is important in spite of the fact that it first comes clearly before us in a writer belonging to the latter part of the 2nd century, because the prominence and fame of Luke were not such as would of themselves have led to his being singled out to have a Gospel attributed to him.