Sentence Examples

  • The Nelson Region offers a variety of Lord of the Rings based activities, and it is also where "the ring" from The Lord of the Rings was fashioned in the Jens Hansen Gold and Silversmith workshop.
  • Foster and Bailey was an American silversmith that operated between the years of 1878 and 1898.
  • He had a meagre schooling, and in his father's shop learned the trade of a goldand silversmith.
  • Legend tells stories of his teaching men picture-writing and the calendar, and also the artistic work of the silversmith, for which Cholula was long famed; but at last he departed, some say towards the unknown land of Tlapallan, but others to Coatzacoalcos on the Atlantic coast on the confines of Central America, where native tradition still keeps up the divine names of Gucumatz among the Quiches and Cukulcan among the Mayas, these names have the same meaning as Quetzalcoati.
  • Another frequent subject of complaint was found in certain sacred vessels which the bishop of Sirmium had sent as a bribe to the secretary of Attila, and which had been by him, fraudulently, as his master contended, pawned to a silversmith at Rome.