Sentence Examples

  • Not only are new words employed, and old words in new significations, but the grammatical structure has a modern stamp - some phrases have the appearance of having been translated out of Aramaic into Hebrew.
  • The principal evidence which Humboldt adduced in its support was the possibility of explaining a vast number of the ancient topographical names of Spain, and of other asserted Iberian districts, by the forms and significations of Basque.
  • There appear, therefore, to be at least two definite significations of the title Alexandrian School; or rather, there are two Alexandrian schools, distinct both chronologically and in substance.
  • The name had different significations at different times; but before the Roman occupation, Mauretania comprised a considerable part of the modern Morocco i.e.
  • Dif f erent Significations of Being in dif f erent Kinds of Judgment.

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