Sentence Examples

  • To the north-west these hills form the watershed between the valleys of the Arghandab and the Tarnak, until they are lost in the mountain masses of the Hazarajat - a wild region inhabited by tribes of Tatar origin, which effectually shuts off Kandahar from communication with the north.
  • Hardly a leaf is visible to the height of one's head; but above, a crown of thick leather-like leaves shuts out the sunlight.
  • The Mantiqueira-Espinhago chain shuts out the streams flowing directly east to the Atlantic, and the boundary ranges on the west shut out the streams that flow into the Tocantins, though their sources are on the actual threshold of the state.
  • He reported the gradual formation of an anticlinal or ridge extending longitudinally through the great Balkh plain of Afghan Turkestan, which effectually shuts off the northern affluents of that basin from actual junction with the river.
  • In the burrows made by the Mygalomorphae, on the contrary, the hinge is strong and highly elastic, its component silken threads being laid on in such a way that the door shuts with a snap when the occupant has passed in or out.