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(electronics) The ratio between the amount of time in which the clock's signal is high and the clock's period.

The proportion of time that a system, device, or component on intermittent duty is operating, rather than remaining idle. The duty cycle includes the time starting, running, stopping, and idling and generally is expressed as a percentage or fraction.A compressor, for example, that operates for 1 minute and then shuts off for 99 minutes, is said to have a duty cycle of 1 / 100 , or 1 percent.
Webster's New World Telecom

In pulse systems, such as digital fiber optic transmission systems (FOTS) or baseband digital electrical transmission systems, the ratio of the sum of all pulse durations to the total period, during a specified period of continuous operation, with the pulse duration, including the rise to peak power and the fall to zero power. See also baseband, digital, FOTS, and pulse.

Webster's New World Telecom

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duty cycle
duty cycles

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