Sentence Examples

  • For those of you out there looking to try PlayStation 3 games, give the following titles a shot: Resistance: Fall of Man (shooter), Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (RPG), or Armored Core 4 (for you Mech warrior types out there).
  • In fact, there are several PS3 titles that can offer you a similar first-person shooter environment, complete with a variety of weapons and upgrades, as well as online multiplayer gameplay in a range of stages and maps.
  • Another study found that after a group of gamers played a first person shooter, opponents would often be aggressive towards each other during and for a period after playing the game with emotional and verbal abuse.
  • When you play hunting games online, you will find realistic looking first-person shooter type titles to goofy simple cartoon versions that are more for basic fun than strategy and improving your precision shots.
  • If you're doing a video game console comparison, however, most die-hard fans of the first-person shooter genre will still prefer the dual analog control scheme offered by the Xbox 360 and Sony PlayStation 3.