Sentence Examples

  • The program's writers have never shied away from drawing viewer attention through controversial storylines, and as edgier plots have become more acceptable over time, the program has only continued to employ them through the years!
  • The program centered largely on moral themes, exploring topics such as alcoholism, drug addiction, homelessness, pre-marital sex, teen pregnancy and virginity, but shied away from topics such as abortion and homosexuality.
  • Though Coach has never shied away from creative designs, the line is probably noted first and foremost for its ability to stand out in a crowd while retaining a sense of simplistic elegance.
  • Breech presentations were still delivered vaginally in the 1970s, but with the advent of the malpractice climate, many doctors shied away from this practice, opting to perform a c-section.
  • Mike Tanel himself prides the company on providing footwear to athletes who may have once shied away from their favorite sport for fear of aggravating old injuries or causing new ones.