Sentence Examples

  • This technique for learning how to sharpen Norelco electric razor blades may be low-tech and many might consider it somewhat dated, but it is still effective.
  • Long before kids are old enough to be gainfully employed, they can sharpen their business skills by babysitting, mowing lawns, and a host of other jobs.
  • Consider investing in photo retouching software such as PhotoShop or PaintShopPro to learn how to sharpen, brighten, and crop pictures to make them more suitable to share online.
  • If you need to sharpen your eyesight at night, try a pair of night driving anti glare glasses to do while reducing the glare that can potentially cause an accident.
  • As mentioned above, your riding sun glasses or goggles are able to sharpen your vision if you choose the appropriate lens color or opt for polarized lenses.