Sentence Examples

  • Moreover, in the industrial districts of Germany, for example, the Christian industrial movement, supported by Protestants and Catholics alike, had achieved considerable results, and proved a serviceable means of combating the seductions of Socialism.
  • Yet he resisted all seductions and was in Nuremberg again before the summer of 1507.
  • A point of interest is that the exhortations to chastity are addressed to men only; the man is regarded as the victim, the woman as the temptress - women are never warned against men or against the general seductions of society.
  • He was perhaps wanting in firmness of character, and the undue influence exercised over him by unscrupulous ministers, or by the seductions of fairer but no less ambitious votaries of statecraft, led him to make concessions which tarnished the glory of his reign, and were followed by baneful results for the welfare of his empire.
  • It seemed clear that men who did their duty, resisting the seductions of fear and desire, must have right opinions, if not knowledge, as to the good and evil in human life; but whence comes this right " opinion "?

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