Sentence Examples

  • Aside from the personals, Grrl2Grrl includes chat rooms, "confessions", and specialized activities for members such as the "Appetite for Seduction" or "Dare 2 Share" which lets lesbians share their coming out stories with each other.
  • The reality is that lesbian seduction is every bit as layered, complex, and passionate as any kind of seduction, with the thrill of the chase, triumph of possession and the joy of surrender all parts of the game.
  • But even his goodness is no match for the ring's seduction and he nearly falls victim to it if not for Gollum's attack, which rips the ring away plunging both Gollum and the ring into the fires of Mordor.
  • The seduction was going all too well - for her.
  • Might give you an advantage with him if you're willing to play the seduction game.