Sentence Examples

  • Carmen sat up in the bed, holding the sheet securely over her gown.
  • Katie had hoped to make her sister a confidante but knew it was impossible so long as Kris.s claws were wrapped securely around Hannah.
  • Jessi hurried inside, heart pounding, not at ease until all four locks of her apartment door were securely in place.
  • Supposing the vessel to be exhausted to have already been securely connected to the pump, we now lower the reservoir B so as to reduce the pressure in A sufficiently below the tension in the gas to be sucked in, and, by turning the cock so as to connect A with the vessels to be exhausted, cause the gas to expand into and almost fill A.
  • Macedonia and the regions adjoining it having now been securely consolidated, Philip celebrated his "Olympian" games at Dium.