Sentence Examples

  • See their feedback page to see what people are saying about these lovely real natural seashell island wedding traditions that have been used for centuries to celebrate all South Seas weddings.
  • On the other hand, if your skin color has warm, beige or yellow undertones to it, opt for the orange seashell top, and this color will help you to look your best.
  • In short, no matter where you plan to wear your new seashell top, and regardless of the purpose, taking a big picture approach to the look will help you to truly play the role of a sea goddess.
  • The main factor to consider when purchasing your seashell top is to understand that for the most part, you'll only be able to choose between two seashell colors.
  • At Sexy, you'll only find one available style, the white colored seashell top, but if that style is your favorite, then you may want to shop here.