Sentence Examples

  • PHP - PHP is a "hypertext preprocessor," which means that it is a flexible scripting language that processes information on the web server in order to serve the HTML to the viewer's browser in a non-static and highly functional way.
  • These website design and scripting languages represent the most popular web design programming languages today, but there are numerous other languages many programmers prefer, covered under the "miscellaneous" category.
  • Keeping both small and large computer systems secure from hackers and identity thieves is one reason why many security experts disable most client-side scripting capabilities on the browsers used within corporate networks.
  • These are enhancements to your HTTP server that allow programmers to write the code that makes your website talk to databases, handle e-commerce orders, etc. The most popular scripting languages are PHP and ASP.Net.
  • Just like any other scripting language, like C, Visual Basic or Java - PHP uses the same basic programming operators and comparators such as if-then statements, while loops, for loops and other standard statements.