Sentence Examples

  • The industries of Caen include timber-sawing, metal-founding and machine-construction, cloth-weaving, lace-making, the manufacture of leather and gloves, and of oil from the colza grown in the district, furniture and other wooden goods and chemical products.
  • The boards constituting the top of the bench seem long enough for side of what Molly proposed but sawing the remaining boards for rungs would prove arduous.
  • But then he pictured his beautiful wife, her unfailingly sweet and kind nature, and refused his mind's picture of her kneeling there in the snow, calmly sawing Shipton's rope until it parted, plunging him to his bloody death.
  • Timber-sawing and plaster manufacture are carried on in the town.
  • 1; this is called bastard sawing, and is the most Norwegian timber is stencilled with the shipper's initials in blue letters painted on the ends.