Sentence Examples

  • If he had been lenient for their sakes or in the hope of damaging Antipater, he was disappointed; for Cassius sold four cities into slavery and Hyrcanus made up the deficit.
  • The stole is his obedience and servitude for our sakes; (3) the allegorical school, which treats the priest as a warrior or champion, who puts on the amice as a helmet, the alb as a breastplate, and so on.
  • Flowers are cultivated, but for their own sakes, not as a feature of the Jandscape garden.
  • Who for our sakes, came down, and was born of Mary the Virgin.
  • Christians are like a council of frogs in a marsh or a synod of worms on a dunghill, croaking and squeaking, "For our sakes was the world created."