Sentence Examples

  • Or, we could throw our saddles on the mules and use the rest for pack animals.
  • Cotton, cloth, gold and silver ornaments, copper wares, fancy articles in bone and ivory, excellent saddles and shoes are among the products of the local industry.
  • The Hohe Tauern contains the massifs of the Gross-Glockner (12,455 ft.), the Hochnarr (10,670 ft.) and the Ankogel (11,006 ft.), and is traversed by the saddles of the Hochthor and the Malnitzer Tauern, which separates these groups from one another.
  • A second and lower chain, of broad massive "saddles," with comparatively few peaks.
  • There has been some development in the manufacture of agricultural machinery and implements, vehicles, pianos and furniture, and some older industries, such as tanning leather and the manufacture of saddles and harness, the milling of wheat and Indian corn, distilling, soap-making, &c. At Guanta there is a factory for the manufacture of patent fuel from Naricual coal and asphalt.