Sentence Examples

  • However, talented artists can usually blend designs together with little to no problem.The person who is nervous about adding a fairy to a motorcycle tattoo may want to give a temporary tattoo a "test drive" before doing anything permanent.
  • Because of this, it's important that you take each feature of your potential investment in your own eyesight into careful consideration before making a decision on one of the most important accessories you can purchase for your motorcycle.
  • Motorcycle Superstore is filled with motorcycling gear such as tires and accessories, but within the "helmets and riding gear" section you'll find a great collection of OTG motorcycle goggles of many different colors and styles.
  • If you are interested in updating your current insurance by adding or dropping services you can complete the forms online by going to Progressive Insurance Choices where you will be able to select from auto, home and motorcycle.
  • He just sat back, this six foot three man with his hatchet face who served as fighter pilot in the war and a motorcycle cop before he became a writer, and reached into his desk and handed me back my shredded resignation letter.