Sentence Examples

  • He takes the frost that winter inflicts and the fever that summer brings as unavoidable visitors.
  • It preys upon the smaller animals and inflicts much loss upon stock farmers through the destruction of calves, lambs, &c., but it very rarely ventures to attack man or any of the larger animals.
  • Gutta-percha (getah percha in the vernacular), camphor, cinnamon, cloves, nutmegs, gambir and betel, or areca-nuts, are all produced in the island; most of the tropical fruits flourish, including the much-admired but, to the uninitiated, most evil-smelling durian, a large fruit with an exceedingly strong outer covering composed of stout pyramidal spikes, which grows upon the branches of a tall tree and occasionally in falling inflicts considerable injuries upon passers-by.
  • The existence of famine and cholera added to the difficulties of the government, and in March 1867 the Lower House, by a majority of three, passed the laconic resolution, " The chamber inflicts a vote of blame on the government.
  • Although we find in the poems of Dubhthach, written in the 5th century and prefixed to the Senchus Mor, the sentences, "Let every one die who kills a human being," and "Every living person that inflicts death shall suffer death," capital punishment did not prevail in Ireland before or after.