Sentence Examples

  • Early phones that were dedicated to VoIP service only came in a standard candybar form factor and most required connection to a base station that was, in turn, physically connected to a router or broadband modem.
  • If not, you will need to provision a connection to your location with enough bandwidth to handle your expected traffic and a router to communicate between your location and your ISP.
  • The company set out to develop a router that would allow users easier access to the Gnutella system - something they succeeded in doing within weeks of the company's inception.
  • IP Phones - These look just like regular phones but use an RJ-45 Ethernet connectors and have resident hardware and software to connect directly to a router for making calls.
  • Turning off your Nintendo DS or disconnecting your router will undo all damage caused by a guest as long as you do it before they leave your town and the game is saved.