Sentence Examples

  • Even though the majority of wireless routers on the market sound like they do fundamentally the same thing, there is definitely a reason why some routers cost so much more than others.
  • Single band routers will typically offer just 2.4GHz for the greatest flexibility, as nearly all 802.11n wireless devices -- like tablets and smartphones -- will use that frequency.
  • For users who want great functionality, higher-end features and well-respected reliability, two of the best wireless routers are the Linksys EA6500 and the Asus RT-AC66U.
  • The process of choosing among available wireless routers will be much less stressful when you know what the numbers and terms associate with different models mean.
  • Some routers allow the USB port to accept USB flash drives and portable hard drives, the contents of which can then be viewed over the network by other computers.