Sentence Examples

  • Robins, Benjamin Franklin (New York, 1898, in the American Men of Energy series); W.
  • On the east coast peafowl are found, and throughout the interior the argus pheasant, the firebacked pheasant, the blue partridge, the adjutantbird, several kinds of heron and crane, duck, teal, cotton-teal, snipe, wood-pigeon, green-pigeon of several varieties, swifts, swallows pied-robins, hornbills, parakeets, fly-catchers, nightjars, and many other kinds of bird are met with frequently.
  • Tartaglia, Nova Scientia (1537) Galileo (1638); Robins, New Principles of Gunnery (1743); Euler (trans.
  • BENJAMIN ROBINS (1707-1751), English man of science and engineer, was born at Bath in 1707.
  • Robins also made a number of important experiments on the resistance of the air to the motion of projectiles, and on the force of gunpowder, with computation of the velocities thereby communicated to projectiles.