Sentence Examples

  • You'll also see Leslie Nielsen in Scary Movie 4, but you may remember him from Superhero Movie, The Naked Gun movies, Dracula: Dead and Loving It, Wrongfully Accused, and many, many others.
  • The super powers, superhero battles, and high-flying antics of the movie are great special effects, but the nature of that simple, treasured ring has a special effect on the viewer's heart.
  • When all the questions have been answered successfully, the child can ask an adult for help to print off a Hero Certificate indicating that they helped the Internet superhero save the town.
  • Discounted towels come in all types of designs, so you will be able to declare your love for your favorite sports team or superhero without any problems - and without emptying your wallet.
  • In the early 1940's, there could be no more noble and heroic entrance for Wonder Woman.Every superhero had a set of powers, and Wonder Woman's were no less impressive than any other.