Sentence Examples

  • (e) Finally, the recurrence of similar historical situations in Judaean history must be considered.
  • No candidate living could have secured the succession without a recurrence of civil war.
  • These European Leleges must be interpreted in connexion with the recurrence of place names like Pedasus, Physcus, Larymna and Abae, (a) in Caria, and (b) in the "Lelegian" parts of Greece; perhaps this is the result of some early migration; perhaps it is also the cause of these Lelegian theories.
  • The cold period, however, was not continuous, for both in Great Britain and on the continent of Europe, as, well as in Canada, it was broken by the recurrence of a milder climate and the reappearance of a flora almost identical with that now living in the same regions.
  • Space will not permit us to enter into any full discussion of the recurrence of Glacial and inter-Glacial periods and the influence they may have had on the flora.